What do I need to do with the plan?

The plan recommends 4-6 supplements to take for each three day period. There are 8 different three day periods each targeting a different aspect of breast cancer formation and proliferation. Each supplement recommended can be purchased at a local health store or online.

How much does it cost?

Our plans are $175. Each plan contains full instructions and a scheduling guide to help you remember what to take and when. Epigenetic Data Sciences, Inc. is a “Public Benefit Corporation” that does not solicit donations. Our sole source of revenue is from the sale of our plans. This income helps fund our continued research and development and the computing infrastructure needed to produce this work.

Why is the plan so complex?

After extensive research, we found that it was virtually impossible to create one optimal plan to combat breast cancer. There are 8 distinct abnormal characteristics of cells to make them cancer cells. For each hallmark, there is a different supplement combination used to combat that characteristic of cancer. This allows us to optimize the effect we can have on the cancer cells, efficiently targeting them and fighting back. Click Here To Learn More

Where can I get support?

We strongly recommend that you work closely with your doctor or nutritionist to discuss these plans and whether they are appropriate for you. Each person is different with different allergies, secondary conditions, etc...

EDS is unable to provide individual advice or guidance.