Epigenetic Data Sciences

The EDS Story

Epigenetic Data Science (EDS) was established on the belief that the conventional models for exploring breakthroughs in the fight against cancer have not realized their full potential.

Genetic, epigenetic, and gene expression knowledge is being generated daily in thousands of laboratories and universities worldwide. EDS has created an innovative system to consolidate this data and is hard at work analyzing and determining its relevance to breast cancer. EDS is committed to using this aggregated knowledge as a way to intelligently combat cancer at its very source.

EDS serves as the ultimate environment where scientific collaboration stretches across disciplines, where our researchers have the intellectual freedom to challenge the status quo, and where grand visions for breakthroughs in human health inspire a collective drive to achieve the seemingly impossible. Our core values ensure that we always keep our focus on the big ideas that eventually will have significant impacts on human health.

We strive to open a new front on the war on cancer by leveraging the vast amount of genetic and epigenetic data generated worldwide. We apply that knowledge to carefully orchestrate expression of over one hundred genes to thwart cancer’s growth. We are breaking the traditional model of targeting just one or two genes when research has determined that cancer relies on hundreds of genes working in concert to grow and metastasize. Data science has evolved to give us the tools required to process hundreds of thousands of research findings, and by applying those tools, we can now open a much broader attack on cancer.

Our plans are the summation of our research as of today. Our work continues as new research findings come available. We hope that our plans will spur your interest to research these topics on your own or in collaboration with  your doctors. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We wish you the best as you continue the fight and hope that our work plays a part in improving your life.