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One of the biggest questions women ask themselves after a breast cancer diagnosis is "What Can I Do?".

At EDS, we strive to empower women in their self-care, by taking the guesswork out of what to do next with our carefully researched plans.

Beating cancer is our goal, and we are ready to help.

Our 360° Approach

Our state-of-the-art software enables us to create a sophisticated database which is the foundation of creating your personalized plan. We target genes responsible for each abnormal function cancer cells exhibit. This enables us to use a 360° approach in targeting cancer cells.   Learn More  

The Plan

Our plans consist of three-day cycles in which you take specific groups of supplements to optimize gene expression. We analyze billions of supplement combinations to find the most efficient grouping and timing to target your cancer cells and strengthen your health. These plans are fully documented and ready to share with your doctor or nutritionist.   Learn More  

Epigenetics is currently a major leading edge in oncology science.

"The knowledge that nutrition and lifestyle can regulate genes that fight the spread of cancer can dramatically empower patients. This new science, fused with computer technology, as pioneered by Epigenetic Data Sciences, offers a powerful new tool for people to use in optimizing the therapeutic benefits of diet and dietary supplementation."

Dwight L McKee MD, CNS, ABIHM, Board Certified in medical oncology, nutrition, integrative and holistic medicine. Co-author of "After Cancer Care"

Learn How Epigenetics Can Help You In Your Fight

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Free Online Diary/Log - Coming Soon

EDS is hard at work to create a Free Food, Supplement, Treatment, Doctor Visit, and Wellbeing Log. This log will allow you to monitor your progress and track any symptoms. An easily printed report will be available to share with your doctor. To be contacted when we launch this exciting feature,   Click here